Domke F-10 JD Shoulder Camera Bag

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Domke F 10 JD Shoulder Camera Bag Domke F 10 JD Shoulder Camera Bag

Photographers looking to document their summer travels (or nights that just so happen to escape your memory the next morning) and who are familiar with the camera-carrying challenge can breath a sigh of relief upon acquiring this Domke F-10 JD shoulder camera bag. This bag is best suited for discreetly carrying your essential photography gear, along with your other personal effects. It features a buckle closure, removable hand-carry strap on top, an adjustable non-slip Gripper strap, and water-resistant cotton canvas, while the inside is nicely padded to protect your valuable (and breakable!) equipment. The F-10 JD is available in a variety of neutral-hued colors, and can be ordered online through the Domke online store, and other select online retailers.

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 Domke F 10 JD Shoulder Camera Bag


 Domke F 10 JD Shoulder Camera Bag

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