Monogram Fugifilm Camera Strap

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monogram fujifilm x100 camera strap 0 Monogram Fugifilm Camera Strap

These latest, old timey camera starps and holders have been such a nice surprise this year. Gone are the overly padded, often impractical, camera suitcases and in are the sleek and antique leather accessories. In this case, the folks at Monogram have created this custom carry for the new Fugifilm X 100 digital camera.

In thick, genuine, raw leather, the monogram strap features hearty riveted snaps, thick bridle neck strap, and heavy gauge contrast stitching.

When the rest of your vacation outfits are meticulously pieced together don’t throw it all away for an ugly camera strap. If you own a Fugi X 100 get this amazing holder from Monogram and cover every detail. Available online here.

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 Monogram Fugifilm Camera Strap


 Monogram Fugifilm Camera Strap

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