Travel and Parasol Umbrellas By Drake’s London

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Finding an umbrella that exhibits the perfect combination of masculinity and quality is a difficult task, but Drake’s London has made it all the more simple with two distinct umbrella designs fit for any gentleman.

Perfect for the everyday commute, Drake’s Travel Umbrella offers a distinct design that allows its owner to detach the chocolate brown handle and canopy tip to make storage a breeze. Available in two colour ways, this rainy day accessory comes in a modest yet versatile navy blue as well as a more bold natured polka dot, ideal for those looking to make a lasting impression.

Following suit of the Travel Umbrella, Drake’s Parasol offers a detachable, hand-made, carrying handle and solid wood shaft. What sets the two apart is that The Parasol’s functionality lies in it’s ability to be sunk into the ground, acting as the perfect way to prevent sunburns while spending a day in the great outdoors. Available in a traditional tartan, this umbrella offers a flare of elegance and style suitable for any man.

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 Travel and Parasol Umbrellas By Drakes London

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