Smythson Brown Zip Travel Wallet

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1008437 Smythson Brown Zip Travel Wallet

If your life consists of constant travel, it should be a priority to pack as sensibly as possible. Smythson take care of your wallet conundrums with one specific travel size wallet. Designed to house everything from your credit cards to coins to four passports in a surprisingly spacious expandable document case. It’s slim, sleek appearance is further beautified by the supple calf leather that it’s constructed out of. Other details include gold-plated hardware and a long slip interior pocket designed to hold tickets. Basically if your goal is to get from point A to point B without the hassle of dragging around separate holders for all your travel needs, then this is the wallet you need.

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 Smythson Brown Zip Travel Wallet

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 Smythson Brown Zip Travel Wallet

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