Chubby Boob Big Bag Tote

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Chubby Boob bag back Chubby Boob Big Bag Tote

I have to be brutally honest, if you’d told me this morning, I’d be hitting a bag from a company called, Chubby Boob, I would have likely given it the big old “pass.” But these damn rope handles pulled me in like a tractor beam.

If you follow the carry, you know we love beach totes, especially in summer. When said tote features nautical detailing, like rope handles we love it even more. And… when its only visible markings, are a rather fetching logo… And when it comes in at a reasonable price. Okay, looks like you win Chubby Boob. We like this bag. Available online.

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 Chubby Boob Big Bag Tote


 Chubby Boob Big Bag Tote

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