Caseable: Customizable Laptop Sleeves

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Caseable Customizable Laptop Sleeves 3 Caseable: Customizable Laptop Sleeves

Launched in the fall of 2010 by German entrepreneurs Marvin Amberg and Klaus Wegener, Caseable allows individuals to customize their laptop sleeves with ease. Laptops these days tend to be a staple component of every student and working professional’s life (I know mine is), and protecting it is an investment that any smart owner should take.

The company’s website offers a plethora of colors, sizes, and graphics for you to choose from, and can even print any photo or design you choose on the sleeve. The sizes of the sleeves themselves range from netbooks up to 17″ laptops, and of course, the entire Macbook line, plus one can choose between slim and classic style, ‘sporty’ or rectangular shape, and white fleece or rubbed black lining. Then comes the fun part- designing your perfect case. 12 different colored side parts are offered, text can be added, and any image you choose.

Caseable allows individuals and companies to make fashionable statements of their individuality, or professional. You can start making yours at their website today!

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 Caseable: Customizable Laptop Sleeves


 Caseable: Customizable Laptop Sleeves

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