A.P.C. Canvas & Leather Travel Bag

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APC Canvas and Leather Travel Bag1 A.P.C. Canvas & Leather Travel Bag

We love to promote new travel accessories in the season of jet setting. Trying to get noticed in a busy airport will take a bit more effort than your beat up college backpack. This is why we recommend this mature yet rugged duffle bag from A.P.C.

Quickly becoming a launching point for all things hip, A.P.C. seems to show a great deal of mastery with all of their products. With this canvas duffle, A.P.C. uses fine leather detailing and gold plated hardware to complete this stunning weekender. A removable shoulder strap and luggage tag, effortlessly takes you from the tarmac to the city streets. Stay on top of your travel game with this Canvas carryall from A.P.C. Available online.

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 A.P.C. Canvas & Leather Travel Bag


 A.P.C. Canvas & Leather Travel Bag

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