Triple Aught Design Skeleton Tool

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triple aught design skeleton tool 2 Triple Aught Design Skeleton Tool

Triple Aught Design has released this sweet visually-literal version of a ‘Skeleton Key’ (a key that can open any lock), for those that demand the most out of their key ring.

“Our Skeleton Key is a highly versatile precision mini-tool made in the USA from a solid 6AL-4V Titanium billet. There are two variations available – Spanner and E-Key. Our Spanner version is specialized for Strider pivots and our E-Key version is for electronic locks that usually require coins to unlock. Both variations are capable of removing a pestering nail or opening a cold drink. This tool will surely become an instrument for every day carry.”

You can pick one up here.

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 Triple Aught Design Skeleton Tool


 Triple Aught Design Skeleton Tool

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