Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Bike Kit

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Kaufmann Mercantile’s Every day carry (or EDC) refers to a small collection of pocket-friendly tools that you carry on a daily basis for tackling situations both mundane and, when required, more urgent. The idea is to keep the kit simple with an eye towards self-reliance — you want items that do the most, while taking up as little pocket space as possible.

Whether you need to adjust your seat or change a tire, our EDC Bike Kit turns your keychain into an efficient cycling companion. There are two hex keys for on-the-road adjustments, a pair of mini pry bars for last-minute tire changes and a glow-in-the-dark compass for when your inner-navigational skills might have led you astray. You can pick up the EDC Bike Kit now at Kaufmann Mercantile.

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 Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Bike Kit


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 Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Bike Kit
 Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Bike Kit

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