The Most Expensive Saddle Ever

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2012 centennial saddle riga7 The Most Expensive Saddle Ever

The 2011 Calgary Stampede maybe in its twilight hours for this year, but the minds at saddle experts, Vic Bennet have already looked ahead at 2012.

Next year will mark the Stampede’s 100th year anniversary. In accordance to this high profile birthday, Vic Bennet will be releasing 100 editions of what is being called, the “most expensive saddle, ever made.” We have a hard time taking that for face but at $5000 a pop, these commemorative butt rests are in a league of their own.

The tooling and stamping on this is beyond belief and every nuance is crafted to the highest of quality. The saddle is also set to be awarded next year, to the top competitors in the four main horse events.

Big money saddles. And they said the days of the gentleman were over. Available through Vic Bennet, in limited quantity later this year.

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 The Most Expensive Saddle Ever


 The Most Expensive Saddle Ever

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