P.A.P Accessories Laptop Case

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P.A.P. Accesories Laptop Case1 P.A.P Accessories Laptop Case

We’re loving these not-so-technically-robust laptop cases. Lately we’ve seen as many stylish computer cases as we have functional. This is not to say that something like this P.A.P Accessories Laptop Case is not entirely functional. We just like the idea that it doesn’t necessarily scream “computer bag,” upon first viewing.

The single grommet, fold-over flap and raw string fastener, makes this case seem more of an aged envelope, rather than something that houses a piece of high tech. In soft brown leather and stamped with a tiny brand marker on the inside flap, this accessories laptop case will complete that perfect pre-war look you’ve been honing. Available online.

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 P.A.P Accessories Laptop Case


 P.A.P Accessories Laptop Case

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