The Gentleman’s Boombox by Artpentry

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The Gentlemans Boombox by Artpentry 2 The Gentlemans Boombox by Artpentry

Artist, creative handyman, and founder of Artpentry, Floyd A. Davis’ the Gentleman’s Boombox line is by far one of the coolest vintage luggage collections out there. Ranging in size from small train cases to large steamer trunks, each piece is outfitted with a subwoofer, 1/8′ headphone jack connector, and standard plug for wall sockets.

In other words, music lovers everywhere can now literally carry a sound system around with them, in the form of a vintage case nonetheless. The speakers and cases are repurposed, used pieces being found in and around the Chicago area, or you can even send in your own case to have it converted into a Gentleman’s Boombox.

Promises of a web store coming soon have been made, but until then you’ll have to email to order one of these cases.

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 The Gentlemans Boombox by Artpentry


 The Gentlemans Boombox by Artpentry

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