Maono “Arturo” Bag

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maono arturo bag 02 630x484 Maono Arturo Bag

Maono introduces this limited edition iconic brief, handcrafted in Italy from ultra-premium leather. Space for a laptop and multiple pockets for other portable devices update its interior for the modern age, while an adjustable cross-body strap provides hands-free convenience. The Arturo is divided into two separate zippered compartments, making this the ultimate travel bag for the stylish ladies and gentleman. Available now at Maono.

maono arturo bag 03 421x630 Maono Arturo Bag

maono arturo bag 04 421x630 Maono Arturo Bag

maono arturo bag 05 421x630 Maono Arturo Bag

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 Maono Arturo Bag


 Maono Arturo Bag

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