The Timbag iMac Case

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Timbag iMac Case The Timbag iMac Case

The Timbag computer case answers the question of how to safely transport a desktop iMac from one workspace to another. After seeing designers lugging their lifeblood around in duffle bags lined with pillows and various other jury rigged totes, Timbag got to work constructing the perfectly shaped iMac transporter. With ample padding and strong velcro fasteners, this case not only protects the goods inside but manages to do it with minimal bulk. The timbag is available in 17″, 20″, 21.5″, 24″ and 27″ in order to perfectly cradle your computer, regardless of size. Available online now.

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 The Timbag iMac Case


 The Timbag iMac Case

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