O’Hanlon Mills Colorblock Backpack

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Colourblock Backpack11 OHanlon Mills Colorblock Backpack

We love retro bags! And this O’Hanlon Mills Colorblock backpack hits every mark. Like so many men’s bags, the true essence of these items tends to be found in the mild details. In this case it’s the color palette which makes it stand out. O’Hanlon continuously delivers quality backpacks at a very modest price. The two-pocket design serves to organize your things without leaving you searching a dozen pouches for your house keys. With a manly leather patch and nylon accessory strap one feels just as comfortable showing up on a fishing trip with the boys as he does at the beach. Available online and in stores.

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 OHanlon Mills Colorblock Backpack


 OHanlon Mills Colorblock Backpack

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