Namaica FW 2011 Bag Collection

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nanamica FW2011 Bags Namaica FW 2011 Bag Collection

The gang behind North Face’s Purple Label have just released their own collection of outerwear and hefty bags. Japan’s Namaica have been making quite the name for themselves the last few seasons, dropping some very interesting and at times questionable carries. With this look today, we can say with confidence, there is nothing questionable here.

Three gorgeous bags make up the latest from Namaica. In keeping with their typical attitude towards quality, the bike bag, messenger and daypack, all contain elements of leather, wool, denim and nylon. These definitely represent a toned down line for Namaica, as compared to Purple Label, and we love it!

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 Namaica FW 2011 Bag Collection


 Namaica FW 2011 Bag Collection

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