Mtn. Approach Folding Skis & Backpack

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 Mtn. Approach Folding Skis & Backpack

Okay boyos… set your eyes to stun. This winter will mark the beginning of a new era for back country skiers.

Unless you’re being flown up the mountain, chances are you’ve hiked into the great void with your full length skis awkwardly fastened to your back. Colorado’s Mtn Approach has just created a solution to this bulky conundrum in the form of collapsible skis and a new backpack carrying system.

The aforementioned skis are 150cm, when extended but have two hinges allowing you to fold them into thirds and tuck them into the long narrow sleeves, fastened inside the provided backpack. With universal telemark bindings which suit a soft boot, the wide powder boards perform as well as any standard skis.

Finally, the bag obviously features every pocket and strap you would need to complete a day of rough and tumble mountaineering. We love this thing and it is available now where Mtn. Approach is sold.

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 Mtn. Approach Folding Skis & Backpack


 Mtn. Approach Folding Skis & Backpack

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