Lexdray Fall 2012 Collection

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Quickly making a name for itself, Brooklyn based bag designer Lexdray reminds us that it is whats on the inside that counts. Although looks are important, Lexdray has focused its principles surrounding an obsession for practicality, fashioning each bag with a specific use in mind. Consequently, we see a series of ruggedly durable bags made from quality materials, each constructed with compartments that are measured to fit a distinct item.

With the addition of the Sao Paulo Sling, Monte Carlo Wallet, and London Garment to their collection of functional bags, Lexdray now offers the perfect travel companion for the camera professional, everyday consumer, and experienced traveller. In a world that breeds generic bags with low functionality and flashy exterior, we are impressed with the thought and consideration that goes into the design of each Lexdray good. Pick out the bag that best fits your lifestyle here.

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 Lexdray Fall 2012 Collection

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