Jack Spade Waxwear Duffel Tote

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Jack Spade Waxwear Duffel Tote Jack Spade Waxwear Duffel Tote
This Jack Spade Waxwear duffel tote bag offers a roomy option for packing up, with a worn-in look and feel. Constructed from cotton that’s been coated in paraffin for added strength and abrasion resistance, the bag is built for versatile use. Available in brown or tan, you can get yours online now.

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  1. Virgin Atlantic sent out these as a surprise Holiday gift to their top tier Frequent Fliers. It was customized with a vibrant purple airplane pattern lining, a small discreet VA logo and a leather embossed luggage tag with flier initials. That’s the difference between BA & VA. BA tells employees to take unpaid vacation during a downturn. VA/Branson sends out gifts to his customers to keep us loyal.

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