Best Made Co. Ditty Bag

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DITTY 2012 600d Best Made Co. Ditty Bag

Reinforced waxed canvas and solid brass grommets, secured by a rope lanyard that has been hand-spliced and whipped with a red technical control line. The Best Made Co. ditty is teeming with maritime tradition but built for their customer’s exacting demands today. Designed to keep personal effects safe: be they tools, camera equipment, a change of clothes, valuables, and general gear. “We wanted a bag for camp and travel that could be easily hooked to a branch or a bunk, and at a moment’s notice be slung over the shoulder, or tossed in a duffle.”

Originally the ditty would have been the first test of an apprentice sailmaker or seaman: before he could be trusted with the fabrication of a sail, he had to prove his mettle by making his own ditty bag out of sailcloth. Available for purchase now at Best Made Co.

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 Best Made Co. Ditty Bag


 Best Made Co. Ditty Bag

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