De Bruir Aviation Luggage Parachuter Bag

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DE BRUIR Aviation Luggage Parachuter Bag 2 De Bruir Aviation Luggage Parachuter Bag

We at The Carry always appreciate functional designs and quality craftsmanship. De Bruir have been crafting high quality leather goods in their humble design studio in Kildare Town, Ireland for some time. Their Parachuter Bag is one of their most sought after designs for its size and reliability. The backpack is geared to be comfortable, especially for long periods of travel. Due to the way the leather forms a nice concave shape against the wearer’s back, the shoulder straps will soften gradually as they mould to your shoulders.

Only the highest quality bridle leather is used in the bag’s design accompanied by true hand-stitched construction. So expect a badass patina to develop over time. The natural leathers used in the company’s design process are from the local bridle and saddlery industry in Ireland.

The Parachuter Bag is available in four sizes: small (women), medium, large and x-large (men).

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 De Bruir Aviation Luggage Parachuter Bag

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 De Bruir Aviation Luggage Parachuter Bag

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