Cherchbi FW 2011 Collection

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cherchbi 2011 fallwinter collection 001 Cherchbi FW 2011 Collection

When we see a wool tweed bag we get very excited. We get even more excited when we know no extra little lambs were stripped in order to get this wool. Cherchbi has made a company policy, since their inception, to only use wool which would be otherwise destined for the trash. In so, they tend to use what is called, Herdwyck No.10 wool, a bi-product of sheep which carries a much higher protein level than standard wool.

It took designer and founder Adam Atkinson, no less than four years to develop his Herdwick woolen tweed. As you can see, the wait was worth it. Sustainable bags that look this good? YES PLEASE! Available through Cherchbi

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 Cherchbi FW 2011 Collection


 Cherchbi FW 2011 Collection

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