Acronym 3A-5TS Messenger Bag

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Acronym 3A 5TSb Acronym 3A 5TS Messenger Bag

We do so much with the leather and the retro sacks, it’s a nice change to find an ultra modern bag that fits our tastes. This 3A-5TS Messenger Bag from Acronym is actually a joint effort with Berlin bike accessories masters Bagjack. The idea, was to help Acronym produce a resilient “highly adaptive all purpose platform.”

With that, they devised the 3A-5TS. Bearing no velcro, the bag closes using an ACR-customized, German mil-spec Kompression buckle storm lid. Interestingly, all the interior pockets and even the lining is removable, making it highly maintainable. This looks like a rugged choice for the go-anywhere cyclist. Available online.

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 Acronym 3A 5TS Messenger Bag


 Acronym 3A 5TS Messenger Bag

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