Superdry Mailman Bag

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100 US9ED101 MAILMAN DUFFEL Cream Dark Beige Saddle Superdry Mailman Bag

With a long history of emblazoning the Superdry name on nearly every design produced, the less overbearing Mailman Bag is a welcomed addition to the English based clothier’s collection. Blending a deep brown, caramel, and off-white beige, this canvas bag displays a vintage look that can be easily complimented with a pair of brown wingtips, white oxford, and tweed trousers. By co-opting a rucksack style carrying design, the classic mailman’s bag has been adapted to fit the life of any student or traveller.  Although, not completely absent of the standard Superdry logo, we are pleased that it was at least incorporated in a tasteful way. Despite the fact that a collection of unbranded goods may not exist within the future of Superdry, we appreciate the baby steps.

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 Superdry Mailman Bag

Steve Southon

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