The North Face Purple Label ‘Klettersac’

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klettersac 06 The North Face Purple Label ‘Klettersac’

New for The North Face’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection, the Klettersac – created under the brand’s Japan-only ‘Purple Label’ – takes its inspiration from the rucksacks that gained popularity in the 1970’s. Constructed from a patterned wool reminiscent of that decade’s outerwear, the bag features a drawstring barrel-style design accented by various straps & anchor points.

Overall, we love the look of this bag, though for many we can understand if it seems over the top. Still, unless you’re in Japan this fall, it’s unlikely you will ever see one in person unless someone is willing to brave the Japanese language store Ark Standard.

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 The North Face Purple Label ‘Klettersac’


 The North Face Purple Label ‘Klettersac’

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