Roberu Orange Canvas Camera Strap

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9 11 2011 roberu canvascamerastrap orange large Roberu Orange Canvas Camera Strap

So you’ve planned a trip to Jamaica where you plan to lug your camera around with you everywhere you go, snapping pictures of points of interest. But instead of packing your standard black camera strap this time around, why not try something more playful like this orange and tan stripe one by Roberu? This Japanese leather goods label specializes in hand crafted leather accessories, and do a damn fine job of it.

Handmade with leather trim and embossed Roberu branding. Natural canvas and leather construction. Hand-stitched. Woven loops with brass rivet camera. Adjustable length. Made in Japan.

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 Roberu Orange Canvas Camera Strap

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 Roberu Orange Canvas Camera Strap

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