Video: Killspencer Weekender 2.0

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killspencer weekender 2 bag 2 Video: Killspencer Weekender 2.0

Killspencer are looking to make your weekend trips to your significant other’s place that much easier with their weekender 2.0 large duffle bag. Some of the fabrics used in this design are culled from the Korean and Vietnam wars, which basically attests its durability. Perhaps the smallest feature, the water-resistant “aquazip” zippers, is one of the most interesting touches to the construction of the duffle. When you shell out a pretty penny for a quality bag, it’s comforting knowing that minor details like this are well-thought-out.

The promotional video for the bag is also quite impressive. The strong production value and good choice of location adds to the interesting short film concept.

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 Video: Killspencer Weekender 2.0

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 Video: Killspencer Weekender 2.0

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