Vivienne Westwood Emossed Card Holder

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Vivian Weswood Emosed Card Holder Vivienne Westwood Emossed Card Holder

Ever go to pull out a dirty, dog eared business card for a potential client? We have. Storing your precious contact cards in your wallet is a sure fire way to ruin them. May we suggest this Embossed Card Holder from Vivienne Westwood. Famous for her influence on the birth of British punk, Westwood has since forayed into the ready to wear set with a multitude of menswear and accessories.

Embossed with the Westwood logo and in genuine Italian leather, this is a perfect carry for your credit, debit and business cards. If you don’t need the whole cow with you on your night out, why not try folding a couple of bills into this little holder and take a load off your pants. Available online.

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 Vivienne Westwood Emossed Card Holder


 Vivienne Westwood Emossed Card Holder

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