Chrome Niko DSLR Backpack

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Chrome Niko DSLR Bag 2 Chrome Niko DSLR Backpack

Attention shutter bugs. Chrome just released this Niko bag with their signature buckles strap. Fashioned like a seat belt, the Chrome straps have been a source of intrigue, revulsion and frustration all at once.

Nevertheless, Chrome holds nothing back with this hefty nylon camera case. Several padded compartments house your various SLR gear, with a separated top pocket for snacks and maps. designed with a flat bottom and back the Niko can be laid on its side or stood up depending on your need. Available for a cool $95, the latest Chrome Niko is available online.

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 Chrome Niko DSLR Backpack


 Chrome Niko DSLR Backpack

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