Hung Sk8 Hooks Kickstarter Project

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Skateboarding with HUNG SK8 HOOKS a Kickstarter Project from HUNG SK8 HOOKS on Vimeo.

This probably isn’t the typical Carry post y’all are used to, but this Kickstarter project, Hung Sk8 Hooks, is just too intriguing to ignore. A patent pending product design project stemming from Atlanta, GA by innovators Brian Steele & Rod Ben, the Hung Sk8 Hook uses minimal design to allow skaters to easily carry their boards around at their sides completely hands-free.

It has yet to receive the funds and support neccessary to become a full-fledged commercial product, but one can view all the details of the project and pledge your support here.

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 Hung Sk8 Hooks Kickstarter Project


 Hung Sk8 Hooks Kickstarter Project

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