Moleskine Introduces New “MyCloud” Bags & Accessories

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Moleskine expands its Travelling Collection with the release of a new line of bags and wallets specially conceived for creativity and productivity on the move.

Designed with their contents in mind, the new containers are defined by what they carry. Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communications at Moleskine, explains this concept: “Every time we pack our bag for the day ahead it’s like crafting an identity to show to others. Our bags contain our innermost thoughts and ideas. The things inside – belongings, projects in progress, digital devices that connect to our online selves – help us to express ourselves. Together they make up the analog cloud of objects that defines us.” You can shop the Moleskine MyCloud Collection now.

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 Moleskine Introduces New MyCloud Bags & Accessories


 Moleskine Introduces New MyCloud Bags & Accessories

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