PKG Black Crown Collection

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Canadian purveyors of fashion forward tech-inspired accessories, PKG have been providing homes for your orphaned devices since 2009. This year the company has introduced its Black Crown Collection, which features an Italian-leather hand-cut exterior and is completely Canadian made. The incredible patinas developed on the collection are the result of each piece being assembled and hand-stitched together from start to finish with each thread hand-knotted and burned. These items will only continue to develop character over time, so there’s no use babying these; they’re meant to look worn in.

The Black Crown Collection supports the Canadian economy and works with local artisans who bring decades of unique skills to their community. Each individual product is hand crafted by one artisan from start to finish. Every piece from the collection is truly an exclusive one-off creation.

The Leather Simple Sleeve is assembled in the following sizes:
10” iPad $249
11” Macbook Air $269
13” Macbook Pro $299
15” Macbook Pro $349
17” Macbook Pro $399

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 PKG Black Crown Collection

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 PKG Black Crown Collection

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