Moshi Concerti iPad2 Case

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Moshi Concerti iPad2 Case Moshi Concerti iPad2 Case

There’s been a massive influx iPad2 cases hitting the market as of late, but this Moshi Concerti iPad2 case is one of the most practical and elegant choices out there. A silicone and microfiber hybrid case that is specially designed to reduce any and all hassle when accessing your iPad 2. The Moshi Concerti allows one to use all interfaces, buttons, and front & rear cameras from within the case.

It also converts into an iPad stand in various tilt positions, while an outer microfiber layer will deliver a soft suede-like feel. Finally, it has a patented Terahedron microfiber inner lining for 360 degree shock and scratch protection. You can choose from Tyrian Purple, Falcon Grey and Sahara Beige colors at very reasonable $55 a pop here.

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 Moshi Concerti iPad2 Case


 Moshi Concerti iPad2 Case

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