Mod-3 ‘Radius’ Minimalist iPhone 5 Case

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mod 3 radius minimalist case iphone 5 1 Mod 3 Radius Minimalist iPhone 5 Case

San Jose, California-based mod-3 has introduced a highly minimalist ‘Radius’ case for Apple‘s iPhone 5. Billed as “the only aluminum case that showcases the iPhone 5’s design elements with its ultra minimalistic approach” the ‘case’ is more of an aluminum structure that frames the phone as opposed to concealing it. Beveled like the iPhone 5 itself, the hollowed case’s corners extend slightly beyond the frame of the phone preventing its surfaces from coming in contact with anything that might damage it. Designed to match either the black or white versions of the device, the ‘Radius’ has already reached mod-3′s funding goal via Kickstarter and is currently on target for a March 2013 release.

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 Mod 3 Radius Minimalist iPhone 5 Case


 Mod 3 Radius Minimalist iPhone 5 Case

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