Porter 2012 ‘Jam’ Collection

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Though the Porter Fall/Winter 2012 “Jam” Collection may only be available in black and white, these Yoshida & Co.-manufactured bags feature a head-spinning array of technological and functional attributes. Famed internationally and in Japan for their fabled quality, these Porter products will release in an array of useable forms — Boston bags, rucksacks, day packs and wallets. In glossy black or matte white-based schemes, the bags in both colorways showcase hard-wearing tarpaulin fabric construction, along with water, tear and friction resistance, resulting in items rugged enough for the mountains but plenty sophisticated for urban confines. The Porter Fall/Winter 2012 “Jam” Collection is available for purchase now at oki-ni.

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 Porter 2012 Jam Collection


 Porter 2012 Jam Collection

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