Parabellum Medicine Man Doctor’s Bag

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parabellum medicineduffle bag 1 Parabellum Medicine Man Doctors Bag

Sometimes when a high-street label makes quality claims about their products, we have to take it with a grain off salt. Parabellum however, tends to almost intentionally hide their exquisite craftsmanship and durability behind incredible style. Case in point… Medicine Man Duffle Bag.

Parabellum keeps things luxurious by using free range Buffalo hide as the main component of this bag. The hardware is all ceramic and in a bold move, the lining is none other than Kevlar.

Made exclusively for Bergdorff Goodman and stamped as such, the Medicine Man duffle by Parabellum, truly showcases the beauty of a well made doctor’s bag.

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 Parabellum Medicine Man Doctors Bag


 Parabellum Medicine Man Doctors Bag

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