Nike Raceday Duffle Bag – Beige

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Nike Game Day Duffle1 Nike Raceday Duffle Bag   Beige

Another barrel duffle to enjoy. This one comes by way of Nike. Not the most talked about carry suppliers, this beige number actually caught our eye. Indeed, a classic model for the sportswear company, the Raceday seemed to always bear the enormous and intrusive Nike logo. This beige number solves that problem, with little to no visible branding. And any that does appear, is small and in the same tone of beige. Made from cotton and polyester with leather detailing, our favourite feature has to be the white trimmed side pocket.

Brand loyalty runs deep, so if you’re a “swoosh head” awaiting the perfect Nike duffle bag, look no further. Available online.

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 Nike Raceday Duffle Bag   Beige


 Nike Raceday Duffle Bag   Beige

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