Monocle x Porter ‘Sub Club’ Bag

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monocle x porter sub club bag 1 Monocle x Porter Sub Club Bag

Global affairs and culture magazine Monocle, founded by Canadian entrepreneur Tyler Brûlé, is no stranger to collaborating with brands on accessories to carry its reputation such as with its London Undercover Umbrella. This time, it has enlisted the help of Porter for the Sub Club tote bag. Made of a dark brown reinforced nylon, it features a key ring, a yellow zip pocket on the outside, and a small pouch on the inside.

And as you might be thinking, the simply designed $215 bag seems to have been designed for holding Monocle magazines particularly well as included with the purchase of the bag is a 10-issue subscription to the travel, culture and lifestyle publication.

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 Monocle x Porter Sub Club Bag


 Monocle x Porter Sub Club Bag

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