Mismo M/S Shopper

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Mismo M S Shopper Mismo M/S Shopper

Still bringing home those ocean clogging, plastic bags, every time you need a quart of milk? Time to get on board with the shopping totes. And we can’t have you walking around with that Sea World thing you got from Aunt Mary last year. No, we suggest you make some market waves with this large all purpose tote from Danish label, Mismo.

Appropriately named the ‘M/S Shopper,’ this bag features some pretty amazing details. The main compartment is comprised of heavy duty waxed canvas. The straps are full-grain vegetable tanned leather and the M/S Shopper contains a hidden pocket for wallets, phones, ipods, etc.

This is the modern man’s shopping bag and you sir, are a modern man. Get it online.

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 Mismo M/S Shopper


 Mismo M/S Shopper

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