‘James Bond’ Luggage Collection from Globe-Trotter

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james bonds luggage of choice with globe trotter 2 James Bond Luggage Collection from Globe Trotter

The Globe-Trotter ‘James Bond’ collection gives wannabe 007’s the chance to get one small step closer to feeling like the world’s greatest super-spy. The collection is largely comprised of a variety of cases ranging in size from 16″ to 33″ — each with its own subtle Bond details — as well as an assortment of small carry goods (all of course, in black). The Stabilist Aluminium case is a notable piece, meant to replicate a rifle case used by Daniel Craig in the latest Bond film, ‘Skyfall’. Limited to just 100 pieces, this case is one of the most exclusive products in Globe-Trotter’s history and features a telescopic sight handle and diamond quilted Alcantara liner. The collection can be purchased online for, well, the kind of prices that make you wish you had an expense account with MI-6.

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 James Bond Luggage Collection from Globe Trotter


 James Bond Luggage Collection from Globe Trotter

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