Filson Vinyl “Dry Duffel”

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Filson Dry Duffle 00 630x441 Filson Vinyl Dry Duffel

Filson has set aside their historic penchant for canvas and brought their discerning customers a new vinyl “Dry Duffel”. This roll top vinyl-coated polyester bag designed for transporting your gear in inclimate conditions. A decided departure from the brand’s signature heritage aesthetic, the bag features a modern look and technical elements like radio-frequency welded seams. You can pick one up here at Filson.

Filson Dry Duffle 01 630x441 Filson Vinyl Dry Duffel

Filson Dry Duffle 02 630x441 Filson Vinyl Dry Duffel

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 Filson Vinyl Dry Duffel


 Filson Vinyl Dry Duffel

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