Ethnotek Woven India Backpack

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Ethnotech Woven India Backpack1 Ethnotek Woven India Backpack

We just discovered this amazing pack from an equally amazing company. Ethnotek, scours the earth looking for fair trade ethically sound sources for their backpacks and bags. What they call “THREADS” each Ethnotek bag features a removable panel of culturally significant fabric woven locally to the area.

The fore mentioned consciousness doesn’t take away from the bags technical functionality. The nylon shell opens up to a slew of pockets and compartments, including one sized for a laptop. Padded back and shoulder straps allow for a comfortable day out traveling.

The backpack pictured here, features an Indian made panel loomed by local master weaver, Vankar Shamji of Bhujodi-Gujarat. Be sure to check out the rest of the amazing Ethnotek line.

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 Ethnotek Woven India Backpack


 Ethnotek Woven India Backpack

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