AEM Spar Bag “Ghostly”

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aem spar bag 1 AEM Spar Bag Ghostly

This AEM Spar Bag may look pretty simple, except that…“It pivots from open to closed on stainless steel clevis pins from a veg tan shoulder strap with a handmade stainless adjustment hook.” Though called ‘reversible’, we’re not sure the name exactly fits, since it more ‘opens up’ than reverses. As with all AEM products the materials are of the highest quality: “18 Ounce khaki or blue canvas affixed to a tapered hard maple spar with clenched copper ship nails … a smaller pocket [is] accessible no matter which way the bag is situated to keep smaller items handy.” Available online.

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 AEM Spar Bag Ghostly


 AEM Spar Bag Ghostly

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